Saturday 10 August 2019

Priorin® Hair Vitamins

Made in Germany, PRIORIN® is a hair vitamin supplement designed to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.  The capsules contain a combination of millet extract, L-cystine and calcium pantothenate to promote, stimulate and improve hair growth and hair re-growth. They also contain biotin to help maintain healthy hair.

What are the claimed benefits of Priorin?

- Add Volume to hair
- Strengthen hair
- Promotes hair growth
- Nourishes hair

Priorin Review

Bayer Priorin® Hair Loss Capsules is a food supplement that contributes to the care and maintenance of hair under normal conditions. This product is formulated with millet extract, wheat germ oil, L-cysteine and vitamin B5, which provide the hair with all the necessary nutrients, strengthening it from the root and promoting its growth.

Priorin® Hair Loss Capsules acts directly on the inside of the root (centre of hair growth), promoting the formation and growth of healthy, strong hair, or so it claims.

Based on its ingredients, Priorin® can be regarded as a good supplement for hair health, however, it is not a treatment for hair loss, and nor should it claim to be. Priorin® is a hair health supplement that can help improve the overall health and function of hair follicles. 

This product contains a formula that can benefit the hair, however, it does lack vital additives that can help prevent shedding and stimulate hair growth.  Does Priorin® make claims that are realistic? It is hard to say for sure, but what this product can do is help increase the volume of hair, due to the its properties which can help push the hair strands up. Your might look thicker, but this product will not increase the actual amount of hair that grows.

Users of Priorin® should be realistic, because this is not a treatment for baldness, and it is unlikely to prevent shedding on a large scale.  It is also unlikely to generate new hair growth. There is little in this formula to suggest it can improve the hair above and beyond its competitors.   

Priorin Side-effects

The reported side-effects of Priorin® have included:
  • Conditions Of Excess Stomach Acid Secretion.
  • Constipation.
  • Heartburn.
  • Irritation Of The Stomach Or Intestines.
  • Stomach Cramps.
  • Taste Problems.
  • Throwing Up.
It should be noted that this product is generally safe to take, and that side-effects only occur in severe cases, which are quite rare.

Where to buy Priorin

This supplement can be purchased from the official Priorin® website, as well as various online health and beauty stores.

Priorin® sells for around £20.00 ($25.00) per box, which contains 60 capsules. This is for a one month supply.

Final Verdict

Priorin® contains a good range of hair beneficiary ingredients, but it is unlikely to be able to treat more serious cases of male or female baldness. However, this supplement may help enhance the appearance of thicker hair, but, as always, results will vary from person to person.

Although Priorin® is not a treatment for hair loss, it is a credible hair health supplement for both men and women, and it is considered to be one of the more potent multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market. 

We would not recommend Priorin® for treating hair loss, but if you're looking to enhance the appearance of your hair, then this supplement could be worth a try

Overall, you should not expect miracles from Priorin®, and if you have exceeded Norwood/Savin 2, then this product will not work for you.

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