Saturday 10 August 2019

Phytophanere Hair Supplement

Phytophanere is a multi-vitamin supplement for women, designed to help prevent hair shedding and strengthen the strands. This is a biotin based supplement, with additives that compliment it - a common trend seen in hair growth supplements. It is made by the company, Phyto.

What are the claimed benefits of Phytophanere?

- Reduce hair loss
- Strengthen hair
- Create the look of fuller hair
- Strengthen nails

Phytophanere Review

Phytophanere is a safe multi-vitamin supplement that is designed to enhance the appearance of hair. Phytophanere is marketed for women, but there is nothing to suggest that this formula cannot also be used by men. 

Phytophanere is considered to be one of the more well-known multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market. Phytophanere claims, with its potent, biotin based formula, along with the perfect balance of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, it can create the look of fuller, thicker, and shinier hair. It works to support stronger hair and nails and beautiful glowing skin, just as what you would expect a biotin supplement to do.

According to the company, in a study conducted by an independent laboratory on 20 women having experienced thinning, weakened or damaged hair: 95% saw effective and visible improvement in the quality of hair.  This is not an official study, therefore we cannot say how accurate this claim is.
This supplement also contains Vitamin E, Omegas 3 & 6, Vitamins B & C, and Pro-Vitamin A.  The formula is well-balanced, and can benefit the hair, although it should not be mistaken for a hair loss treatment. Phytophanere will in no way shape or form treat hair loss.  

Phytophanere is not FDA approved, however, with continuous use, it can strengthen hair.   

The reviews and testimonials on Phytophanere are mainly positive, but it is unclear how effective this supplement is for actually regrowing hair.  We would guess that this is merely a multi-vitamin supplement that contains a good base of additives for hair health, but it lacks the potency to act as a treatment for baldness and thinning hair.

Phytophanere is a good hair health supplement, but there is a very minimal chance that you will see change or improvement in your hair from using this.

Phytophanere Side-effects

Phytophanere is a safe and natural supplement that does not come with any major side-effects. In rare cases, slight stomach discomfort can occur.

Where to buy Phytophanere

Phytophanere can be purchased from the official Phyto website, as well as various online health and beauty stores.

Viviscal sells for £37.00 ($44.00) per bottle.

Final Verdict

Phytophanere contains a good range of hair beneficiary ingredients, but it is unlikely to be able to treat female baldness effectively. However, this supplement may help enhance the appearance of fuller hair, but, as always, results will vary from person to person.

Although Phytophanere is not a treatment for hair loss, it is a credible hair health supplement for women, and it is considered to be one of the more popular female multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market. 

We would not recommend Phytophanere for treating hair loss, but if you're looking for enhance the appearance of your hair, then this supplement could be worth a try.


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