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TRX2 Molecular Hair Food Supplement

Developed in Oxford, and made in Germany, TRX2® is a hair vitamin supplement designed to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.  The capsules contain a combination of potassium, biotin and key vitamins, with the aim of stimulating and improving the function of hair follicles.

What are the claimed benefits of TRX2?

- Reduce hair loss
- Increase hair growth
- Maintain healthy hair

TRX2 Review

TRX2® is the first supplement to contain Potassium, Carnipure® (L-carnitine- L-tartrate), branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and Nicotinic Acid delivered via a proprietary potassium channel-stimulating complex. The thinking behind this combination is that it would increase blood and nutrient flow within hair follicles, improve the barrier properties of the scalp, stimulate hair protein synthesis and provide hair follicles with the specific compounds needed to maintain normal healthy hair.

TRX2®’s proprietary potassium channel-stimulating complex features Carnipure® tartrate.  Sourced in Switzerland, Carnipure® tartrate is a patented, special grade of L-carnitine-L-tartrate. Together with TRX2®’s other compounds it can help trigger potassium channel activity and increase the flow of nutrients into the hair follicle.

TRX2® is not medically approved as a hair loss treatment, and the company was under investigation from Trading Standards for making false claims. These claims have since been removed from their website and marketing material. 

Launched in 2011, there was a lot of hype (and hope) surrounding this supplement. Many men and women were hoping this could be the major breakthrough the hair loss industry was waiting for.  However, nearly a decade on, and it is still unclear exactly how effective TRX2® is for treating hair loss. 

As impressive and as scientific as the theory sounds, in reality, it is highly unlikely that this supplement will improve your hair. Many industry experts have labelled TRX2® as nothing more than a potassium pill, but this seems a little harsh, somewhat.

TRX2® is a supplement that does contain a high dosage of potassium, but it also contains other well-balanced hair beneficiary ingredients that compliment the whole formula. This product is no where near as good as it claims to be, but it isn't a bad supplement.

If you're tempted to try TRX2®, then be realistic. If your hair loss exceeds Norwood/Savin 2, then it is unlikely this supplement will work for you. And although this supplement is designed for early stages of baldness, there has been no concrete evidence of its success.  

TRX2 Side-effects

This product is generally safe to take, and that minor side-effects, such as slight stomach discomfort, may only occur in rare cases.

Where to buy TRX2

This supplement can be purchased from the official Priorin® website, as well as various online health and beauty stores.

Priorin® sells for around £55.00 ($67.00) per bottle, which contains 90 capsules. This is for a one month supply. This supplement can be purchased at a cheaper price through multi-pack offerings

Final Verdict

TRX2® contains a small range of hair beneficiary ingredients that are unlikely to be able to treat more serious cases of male or female baldness. However, this supplement may help maintain the health of normal hair.

Although TRX2® is not a treatment for hair loss, it is a credible hair health supplement for both men and women, and it is considered to be one of the more popular multi-vitamin hair supplements on the market.

The creator of TRX2®, Thomas Whitfield, clearly had the intention of developing an honest supplement that could treat hair loss in men and women. We suspect, this Oxford University graduate had plenty of key contacts from members of the press and media, because favourable reviews and articles were published about TRX2® before it had even been released.

If you are suffering from baldness, especially the more advanced stages, then you should not expect TRX2® to solve the problem. We cannot recommend TRX2® as a hair loss treatment, but if you're looking to maintain healthy hair, then this supplement could be worth a try

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  1. Nah, this supplement did nothing for my hair after using it for over 9 months. Stay away from TRX2. There are far better hair supplements out there.