Saturday 10 August 2019

Viviscal Man Hair Growth Programme Tablets

Viviscal Man is a multi-vitamin supplement designed to help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth in men who suffer from male pattern baldness. This supplement is one most popular on the market, and has a good track record of returning customers in the UK.

What are the claimed benefits of Viviscal Man?

- Reduce hair loss
- Promotes hair growth
- Maintains healthier hair growth
- Enhances thickness of hair
- Stimulates new hair growth

Viviscal Man Review

Viviscal Man is a safe hair supplement that is designed to prevent the more advanced stages of male pattern baldness. Viviscal Man is only designed for men, but there is also a version for females, Viviscal Woman

Viviscal Man is considered to be one of the leading multi-vitamin hair supplements in the United Kingdom. Boasting the key ingredient of AminoMar C™, a rich protein compound of marine extracts blended with organic, soluble silica and fortified with vitamin C, Viviscal Man provides the essential nutrients to nourish your hair naturally from within. Presented in 60 easy-to-swallow tablets that are virtually odour free, you can promote your hair growth with minimal effort. 

Viviscal Man is not FDA approved, therefore it is not a 'treatment' for hair loss. However, with continuous use, Viviscal Man can help wit the reduction of hair loss and promote stronger hair growth.   

The reviews and testimonials on Viviscal Man are mainly positive, but it is unclear how effective this supplement is for actually regrowing hair.  We would guess that this is merely a multi-vitamin supplement that contains excellent additives for hair health.

Viviscal Man is a well-balanced hair health supplement, but it is unlikely you will see any sort of change or improvement in your hair from using this supplement, especially if you have exceeded the early stages of baldness. 

Viviscal Man Side-effects

Viviscal Man is a safe and natural supplement that does not contain any major side-effects. Some users may experience temporary stomach discomfort after initial use, but this usually only lasts for a very short period of time. 

Try taking the tablets with your meals if stomach discomfort continues to occur. This should ease the discomfort.
Viviscal Man would be a much stronger solution for hair loss had it contained Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto has shown to work well with some of the ingredients in the Viviscal Man formula.

Where to buy Viviscal Man

Viviscal Man can be purchased from the official website, as well as many selected online stores, and high-street stores, such as Holland & Barrett.

Viviscal Man sells for £49.99 ($60.00) per bottle, however, it can be purchased for less when bought in multi-pack deals.

Final Verdict

Viviscal Man contains some excellent hair beneficiary ingredients, but it is unlikely to be able to treat male baldness effectively. This supplement may help reduce the pattern of hair fall, but it cannot help regrow lost hair. 

Although Viviscal Man is not a treatment for baldness, it is a credible hair health supplement, but the formula does seem to be a little light on additives. We would recommend it for men who are experiencing very early stages of baldness.

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