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What are the Most Influential Health Supplements? 

Health supplements have existed for decades, and already we find ourselves in a market packed with pills, left, right and centre. The question is, what are the most influential health supplements available on the market?

We take a look through some of the most influential health supplements that helped shape and revolutionise the industry and set new benchmarks. 


Fat burning pills have existed for years, but what Maximuscle did was develop and create a formula that specifically targeted bodybuilders who were looking to shed fat quickly, after the bulking up process.

After a controversial start, particularity relating to its ingredients, Thermobol is now the leading fat burning pill on the market. Rather than suppress the appetite, like most other weight management pills do, Thermobol gets right to it, speeding up the metabolism with its potent blend of ingredients. 


Male enhancing tablets do tend to come with the most sceptics, and it's not really that surprising when you consider the nature of the supplement.  VigRx was the first male enhancer to break through that barrier, and it is still one of very few products of its kind with a good reputation. 

With a potent blend of safe ingredients, VigRx paved the way for other brands to base their formula on similar principles. Formulated in Canada, VigRx continues to lead the men's sexual supplement market, gaining positive reviews and demonstrating excellent results


Developed and formulated for hair loss, HR23+ is the fastest growing hair supplement of its kind on the market. Containing 23 key ingredients, this advanced pill is designed to prevent hair fall and promote stronger hair growth in both men and women suffering from early stages of thinning hair.

Although this is not a cure for baldness, the results and customer reviews have been outstanding. HR23+ was the first hair tablet that smartly combined a key range of DHT blocking properties with a proven variation of hair growth agents, that resulted in a safe and effective treatment.

Saw Palmetto

Prostate cancer is one of the worst, and so saw palmetto supplement form has been a bit of a revelation.  This North American plant extract has proven to be an excellent treatment for prostate cancer, which in itself revolutionised the sector.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fish Oil offers the ideal solution for anyone who fails to achieve enough oily fish in their diet or anyone looking for particularly high levels of the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. It is these fatty acids that provide the health benefits associated with omega 3, including support for brain, heart and eye health.

As a species, we do tend to worry about our health, and Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements were key in starting the trend of taking health pills on a daily basis. Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules is still one of the most popular selling supplements on the health market.