THERMOBOL by Maximuscle

> Maximuscle Thermobol is a dietary supplement designed to aid in weight loss for men with an active lifestyle. Thermobol is most commonly used by boy builders who are looking to shed fat for a more 'cut' physique.

Maximuscle Thermobol Pros 

- A large array of effective ingredients
- Easy to to purchase both online and in high-street stores


- Contains a high quantity of caffeine
- Contains additives associated with unpleasant side effects 

Maximuscle Thermobol Review

Maximuscle Thermobol claims to help shed weight quickly by burning fat and boosting the metabolism. The product contains large quantities of ingredients which, although may make the product more effective, it also means that the likelihood of experiencing side effects is greater.

The supplement is designed to boost energy levels, thus encouraging high-intensity workouts and more productive training sessions. However the product does contain a rather large amount of potent ingredients, and we would always advise seeking medical advice before using this product.

The main ingredient used to boost metabolism is caffeine.
Caffeine is only harmful to your body if it is taken in large dosages. Thermobol contains nearly 450mg of caffeine, which amounts to over ten cups of coffee a day. The reason for the usage of caffeine is: Adenosine is a hormone which binds to receptor cells in the brain to calm the central nervous system thus promoting tiredness, but caffeine also binds to these receptors, blocking the adenosine and therefore improving alertness and attention. Thermobol is not a suitable product to take for men who do not react well to caffeine.

Another potent ingredient that is used in Thermobol is Green Tea - a metabolic boosting extract that is said to increase energy levels and help burn fat. There are some clinical trials which prove that it can improve weight loss and maintenance in overweight subjects and it is believed the catechins in green tea have this effect. However, the tests performed with green tea in relation to weight loss produce varied results and therefore, yet again, inconclusive proof. Green Tea is a safe extract to take, providing you do not take it in large dosages. 50mg of Green Tea per day is more that enough, but Thermobol contains considerably more, which, in conjunction with 450mg of caffeine, makes this supplement uncomfortably potent. 

Thermobol Side-effects

Thermobol can cause many side-effects such as dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, stomach discomfort and even heart problems. The potent ingredient, Bitter Orange Peel, is not recommended to take as a supplement, by the FDA. This is because it can cause high blood pressure and lead to long-term heart problems. If you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems, we would advise you speak to your doctor before taking this supplement. 

Where to Purchase Thermobol

Thermobol can be purchased from a number of distributors online, including their official website, as well as through many high-street stores and supermarkets, including Tesco.