The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Supplements, supplements …

They seem to have an established place in modern life of many people. They, undoubtedly, have gained its fame via the never ending search for a holy grail of all remedies, that can enhance our physical performance, boost our memory or keep us younger for longer just to name a few.

It is important to understand, that supplements aren’t meant to be a cure, or quick solution to a health concern. They, as the name suggest, should be considered as an addition to whatever we are doing to stay healthy. They are formulated to provide a nutritional boost to our modern, high fat and high sugar diet, and thus, being a preventative therapy to a potential health issue. They require a commitment of taking them for a set period of time to see the benefits.

I personally, have always been taking supplements. Drug stores are full of supplements of all kinds. If you want to choose wisely, I have a few tips to help you pick the most suitable option.


There’s no doubt, to pick the best supplement, you must know what goes in it. The worrying truth is, that many big pharmaceutical companies use a lot of fillers in their product to make the production easier, more profitable, more appealing to the eye etc. These fillers are irrelevant or, in some cases, harmful to our health.

Avoid the following: Hydrogenated Oil, Titanium Dioxide, any synthetic colourants, Coal Tar, preservatives like benzoates, sorbates, parabens.

Make sure you go for smaller, lesser known brands, that base their formula on natural extracts or ingredients.


A thumb up rule is to find out whether a supplement has got some research behind it. For example, there is a clear evidence of Japanese people rarely suffering from heart problems compared to American, European nations, which is linked to a high intake of fish oil from natural sources. Therefore, it is recommended to take omega-3 fatty acids in a supplement form by citizens of developed countries as a way of reducing risk of a heart disease.


Many vitamins out there are just a synthetic equivalent of those existing in nature. The most commonly available would be vitamin C so popular for a number of reasons: it keeps our immune system strong, reduces cellular DNA damage connected to a cancer, it boosts skin elasticity which makes it a powerful anti-ageing component, it prevents inflammation in our blood vessels that may lead to a serious cardiovascular condition, it is also so important for athletes for whom vitamin C is so crucial for reducing post training oxidative damage in the muscles. The list goes on, and it is usually a good idea for city based population, smokers, sportsmen and women and people working physically to supplement their diet with additional vitamin C. Make sure that you pick wisely here. Only natural sources of ascorbic acid will be truly beneficial. Again, big pharmaceutical companies are the ones to avoid. Read the description on the packaging. If the list includes any berry extract, vitamin C comes from a natural source. If it only states the amount of ascorbic acid, it is probably a synthetic form.

Whether you choose to take supplement or you decide to go completely pill less, just remember what may be good for some, may be not so good for others. Do your own research, ask an expert, analyse your lifestyle, and then make an informed decision. It is your HEALTH at stake here.

By Anna K. 
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