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Special Review | By Brett Webb

Ok, so I'm just as sceptical as anyone when it comes to 'miracle formulas', whether it is designed for hair loss, ageing skin or male enhancement, which is why I decided to give SizePro Ultra a try - one of the most potent yet natural penis enlargement pills available on the market, apparently!

As well as being a bit of a sceptic, I am definitely the sort of person that doesn't feel comfortable putting things in my body unless I have 100% trust in the ingredients.

Upon close inspection, I was very pleased with the ingredients and additives in SizePro Ultra, as it is a naturally made supplement, and the formula itself is developed and formulated in the USA - this is another plus point for me as I personally rate American, Canadian and German supplements amongst the best in the world.

The pills themselves are conveniently blue in colour (the old magic blue pill cliché) and are particularly larger in size than most health supplements that you would usually come across. They're still pretty easy to swallow and the pills do not contain any sickly after-taste or stomach pain that can be associated with many other supplements of similar nature. 

So, what claims do SizePro Ultra actually make? 

Well, in short, SizePro Ultra claims it can help increase the size of your penis both when flaccid and erect. This supplement also claims it can increase your sex drive and sexual stamina, naturally leading to enhanced sexual performance. This all sounds a little too good to be true, don't you think? Well, that's certainly what I thought, giving me an even bigger incentive (excuse the pun) to try this supplement for myself. Here's my personal experience with SizePro Ultra...

I decided to take SizePro Ultra for a trial period of four weeks (one full box) - That's a total of 30 pills at one a day with water. After reading the reviews on their website, it was evident that the average taker of SizePro Ultra achieved excellent results within just 3-4 weeks. I guess, like with any supplement or performance enhancing formula, the results really do depend on your individual genetics.

What results did I achieve after week one? 

After taking seven pills (one a day) I didn't notice an awful lot of change, if I'm honest. At best I noticed a slight increase in my sex drive, but as a sceptic I could easily have put that down to the 'placebo effect'. SizePro Ultra has not made any claims for immediate results, therefore I wasn't expecting any drastic changes as early as the first week.

What results did I achieve after week two? 

Again, nothing too drastic with regards to penis size and performance after week two, but I did notice a definite increase in my sex drive. I also looked slightly larger when flaccid, but there were no visible effects when erect.

What results did I achieve after week three? 

Results seemed to stall, and even reverse by week three. I'll admit, I was slightly disappointed at this stage of the experiment, as I thought I was seeing clear results after week two.

What results did I achieve after week four? 

I think the only real visible results I gained by this point was - excuse my crudeness - the increase in amount of 'fluids' upon ejaculation. I guess you could say that is a plus point, but certainly not the reason I tested this supplement.


If you're looking to spice up your sex life and add some genuine size and stamina to your performance, then SizePro Ultra could be a supplement worth trying. To be fair, it is a safe and natural product, therefore you won't suffer any severe side-effects, but don't expect miracles from these big blue pills. If you are set on giving it a try, then I would recommend taking it for a minimum of 10-`12 weeks. I only took it for four weeks, and perhaps that is where I went wrong. 


SizePro Ultra is fairly priced at around £20 per box, but you can purchase it even cheaper if you buy in multi-packs. Make sure you purchase from a trusted distributor, as products like these can be easily mimicked. Don't buy this from China!
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