Do Beard Growth Supplements Really Work?

> Beard 'Growth' Supplements seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. Facial hair hasn't been as popular since the 1970s, and with at least one in three men follically challenged in and around the facial region, it is easy to see why there has been a rapid growth in the number of supplements of this nature on the market. The question is, do these supplements really work?

Beard Growth Supplement Pros 

- They do not come with major side-effects
- Easy to purchase online at a low price 


- No scientific studies suggest they are effective
- Poor reviews and much skepticism surround these supplements

What are Beard 'Growth' Supplements

Beard growth supplements such as BeardStache, Beardilizer and Beardboost, have all been created to stimulate facial hair follicles, thus promoting beard growth in men with little or very patchy facial hair.

All beard supplements usually contain the same list of ingredients, but with slight differences in the dosages. Common beard supplement ingredients include biotin and folic acid. Both have been associated with promoting hair growth on the scalp, but no studies have concluded that these ingredients are beneficial for the stimulation of facial hair growth

Biotin and folic acid are both commonly used in hair health supplements, and some studies suggest they can indeed be effective for the promotion of healthy, stronger hair growth in men and women. But the severe lack in evidence of its effectiveness on facial hair growth somewhat discredits the theory that beard supplements can in any way, shape or form enhance the rate of beard growth

Although biotin and folic acid are excellent hair (scalp) beneficiaries, it is very unlikely that these types of supplements would be able to encourage facial hair growth. Supplementastic cannot recommend any sort of beard supplements that claim to have a formula that acts on the theory mentioned above

If you are unable to grow facial hair or suffer from patchy areas on your face and/or neck, then oral supplements are very unlikely to solve your problem. Unfortunately, your facial hair pattern comes down to your genetics, and there is very little you can do to alter your gene pattern. 

If you are under the age of 30, then we would recommend you being patient. Many men experience a new facial hair growth period at around the age of 30. Men who experience early facial hair growth (teenage years or early twenties) tend to have thicker hair throughout their thirties and forties, but that's not to say men who experience later facial hair growth development cannot achieve the same density of beard by the same age

The Side-effects?

Beard supplements of this nature (biotin and folic acid based), do not tend to come with any side-effects, as they avoid using harmful ingredients.

Where to purchase Beard Supplements?

Beard supplements can mainly be purchased online. Just type the search term 'beard growth supplements' into Google search engine and you will find an array of brands to choose from. We cannot recommend a particular brand to try, as they will, in all likeliness, be just as ineffective as each other.
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