Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Testosterone boosters are one of the fastest growing supplements on the market. These types of supplements are most popular amongst male body building users, as a way of enhancing muscle mass. 

Although the use of testosterone via supplement form is well regarded as a safe alternative to the injection form, the FDA has given specific warnings about the general use of testosterone and other anabolic steroids. The FDA warns of severe side-effects from using/taking testosterone. These side-effects can include:

* Heart attacks
* Depression
* Liver failure
* Infertility
* Severe mood swings
* Risk of strokes
* Premature hair loss

Testosterone boosting supplements are marketed as safe alternative to anabolic steroids, but it must be noted that even these types of supplements increase the levels of testosterone in the system, which effectively leads to a hormonal imbalance. Products that interfere with hormones, such as testosterone boosting supplements, should always be taken with caution. 

What is the alternative? 

Testosterone boosting supplements are supposed to be the 'safe' alternative to steroids, but as we stated, the risk of side-effects are still very high. As a precautionary measure, we would advise against using any form of testosterone enhancing supplement. Effective alternatives for safer muscle building would include protein shakes, amino acids and even creatine. 

If you are still determined to go down the testosterone path, then you should speak to your doctor before doing so. Your health should always come first. 
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